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september 4

Rhys leaves that day and I will be in mourning.



DAY 61: July 31
La Vida Variety night; Fountain Square diner after a great show and The Brass Ring with some burlesque dancers.
July 31

DAY 62: August 1
While sleeping, Indiana crawled onto the bed to be snuggled. Dog-sitting is fun.
August 1


I'm not doing so well at this one picture a day thing...

DAY 45: July 16
I received a call from my ex-boyfriend that morning. Our cat, Portia, passed away the night before. I was heartbroken.
July 16

DAY 47: July 18
En route to Terre Haute, on I-70 around 7pm
July 18

things I'm getting back

1. me
2. Taoism
3. Rhys (even though he's still leaving)
4. Grace (mah kitty)
5. a handle on my monthly bills (lowered the price of my car insurance, catching up on late bills, working out a savings plan)


I'm making plans for an honest to goodness move to Seattle this time next year. My plan is to:

(A) save money from each check I get
(B) earn money by selling my car and running a fireworks store next June-July
(C) secure a job in a salon and/or Aveda school as an instructor

I think if I can accomplish these things, I will be heading out there with around $16,000. Way more than enough to get out there with my stuff, find an apartment, and buy a used car. This is my plan.

I'm hoping to all that is holy that I can follow through with everything enough so I get there to start my new life.

I'll probably be posting a bunch, asking for advise, throughout the year. I know which salon I want to work for and I've already contacted them about what I should do in order to work up to a move.

Mostly, I'll be asking about apartments and little stuff like that. Thanks in advance for any advise you have for me. If any of you have made a move to Seattle from out of state, gimme advise?



DAY 28: June 30
Korin gave me extensions ... then we made mustaches!!!
June 30
she made a "lazy Hitler" I was just "badass"

365 update

DAY 24: June 26
sunset. perfect.
June 26


I haven't taken any photos for the 365 project the past few days. Nothing to take photos of really.

BUT Wednesday that'll be changing.

I'm FINALLY getting extensions on Wednesday night and then Thursday I'm a hair model for Korin's technical interview at a salon. Super excited. Hoping maybe my mom will throw down a little on the extensions.

piece it togetherCollapse )



DAY 20: June 22
My cosmetology license came in the mail making me officially legal to "provide cosmetology to the public" (that's the legal term for it).
June 22

DAY 21: June 23
Rhys runs a fireworks store. Rhys is a very sociable person. Rhys has no enemies because if he does, he's so diplomatic he talks them right out of hating him. A divorced couple came in with their kids yesterday and the ex-wife wanted the ex-husband to stay, light fireworks, and drink. Rhys became friends with them almost instantly and the ex-husband invited us to their house to drink and light explosives ... Yeah ... We went. :)


DAY 17: June 19
Tornado season in the midwest. Heat lightning was reaching across the sky; pardon my nose.
June 19